My services



I can provide my expertise, knowledge and external advice for your business. I am ready to suggest specific solutions or recommendations for your business – related to strategy, structure, management and operations of your organisation.

As your consultant I can help your business attain goals and solve problems.


Training is the best way how to put your newly acquired knowledge, particular skill or type of behaviour into practice. My training courses are usually targeted on specific skills for your immediate results. They can improve productivity and team work flexibility and help to develop the capability of individual members of the teams.


Thanks to my great 30-years-long professional experience and my successful work in the field of network-marketing I am able to provide mentoring services too. Based on my knowledge and experience I am ready to share my advice with you. My mentoring involves wide ranging discussions focusing mainly on the achievements of your business in the present and the future.

Payment terms

My seminars and coaching lessons are for free but I get paid with corresponding commissions and bonuses, which are then generated by the structures I coach.


If you are interested in my services, please, contact me here: